Spartan-style: How to create tasks, and follow them!

the best illustration in how to create tasks and follow them from a doomguy

Do you know all the myths about the Spartan god of wars? About their successes in the battles… All you heard before about them is a lie. The truth about their success hides in two main principles, not a wide specialization, and titan discipline. Yeah, all they did is just learn how to fight, and fight. All the others left for the Greeks. So how to create tasks and follow them without any scams or tricks?

But we’re so far from today’s thread. Today, we want to tell you about how to…

Create tasks, and follow them… regularly. Sounds like many other guidelines from ‘Coaches’ ‘, but what differs our guide from them? Hmm…

  1. We’ll tell you about how to defeat the discipline.
  2. We’ll tell you, about five years.
  3. We’ll tell you about money forcing.
  4. We’ll tell you about a secret application, which can solve all your troubles in life, and make you happy.

But, firstly ,you have to tell yourself that you are…

…Too lazy to do all your routine without lifehacks!

 your motivation looks like this. follow the plan and all would be fine!

Yeah, sounds tough, but it’s true. So if you need motivation to do something, you just don’t need it, or you’re interested in a different task. Then you’ll stay honest with yourself, all will go much softer.

But here’s great news for you. If you are reading this, you are striving to defeat your laziness. So here we can help you, but not with motivation.

Notification: We’re not telling you here about all those KaNBAN, S.M.A.R.T. AND D.U.M.B OR D.U.D.E tasks. We’ll concentrate on how to create the discipline, and regularly solve all your tasks.

Ok, let’s get back to the task. We need:

  1. Create a task.
  2. Solve it.
  3. Follow to the next task.
  4. Solve it.
  5. Repeat this more than 10 thousand times.

But if your first steps on this road are always easy, the next 9.999 times are much harder. So keep these!..

Rule first

 The first rule of successful planing is…

Divide & Conquer — or… separate your big task into small tasks. If you want to be fit, don’t strive to lose all your weight in one week, it’s impossible. Just try to do a push up, and pull up. Then you did them, strive to do more… and more… the lesser task you create, the easier it to solve.

And don’t forget to reward yourself for each solved task. At least it must be a cookie.

If you won’t be a sportsman, and you need to create an analogue for business. Don’t strive to create a marketing strategy at once. Just create a marketing plan. Then, analyze the risks. Then, create a roadmap, then, start your first step into your business.

As you see, there’s more than 5 tasks, and you can do them one-by-one, from first to the end.

Trick second

Trick second is about preparing for routine. Time to time, you need to do many routine things without being rewarded. It’s a reality, you’ll get rewarded for your deals, but later… All you need is to do half of the planning.

Plan x2 tasks, and do half of them, but every day. You can use mind boards or schedule boards, or something else. Use the most convenient tool for you, for e.g. our app. Or you can remember all from your school days, and create your own diary.

Lifehack third

Separate your work, and your relaxation. Put off your Ethernet cable from your notebook. Switch off your wi-fi. And just do it. And you’ll find that you are already doing x3 or x4 of your regular routines for a much shorter time.

And then you’ll do this, don’t continue your work day if you are not at the office right now. Just end your work, and go relax. You mustn’t be super effective, you must be super productive. The more power you save, the more energy you can put towards your other plans. For example, you can start another small business, if you have free time, and free powers. And who knows, maybe your side project will be better than your current main.

Really worthy methods

really worthy method which helps to follow created plans.

Ok, we still have a little place, and now prepare for overviewing really worthy methods to force you into creating tasks, and following them.

  1. Money reward. As a gambling method.
  2. Do only interesting things.
  3. Use the maximally concrete plans, hour by hour, minute by minute.

Ok, so break your boring routine, and let the madness begin!

Gambling method as the best forcing instrument to follow tasks

We’re not telling you about gambling facilities, like the slots, casinos or something sh..y. We’re talking about the deals. Transform all your boring routines and tough tasks into deals between you and the contractor.

Who will do this better, who will do this faster. Who will do this… And get the money reward, which is not too much for you, but not too small. For example, $50 for the task. It’s simple to explain in sport, or in coding. Who will create the best test for this part of code, or who will maximally concrete comment the code. If you want a sports example, who will do more pull ups next Monday?

The money reward works better than all other life hacks. But remember about correct formulation of tasks, and don’t do it all at once.

By these small sprints, you’ll get enough reward, and continue your road to your own success.


Interesting things. Always do only those things. Remember, that you are not old too much, and you always can learn something new, what is interesting for you. Solve this, and you won’t need the forcing instruments ever. If you fall with passion in blogging, spend your powers on blogging. If you feel the best in calculating. Do the calculations. All depend only on you, and your own road. Then you spend your time on boring things, the time is stretching, and you want procrastination more than work.

This is SPARTAn method to create plans and follow tasks

alt: The smiling Kratos as an illustration of spartan methods to being disciplined!

If all the previous methods are not about you, just create the maximally concrete plans. Minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour. This is to create a steel discipline, and then you’ll back from those concrete plans back to the usual routine, you’ll find that you have much more time, and power to do your regular work!

IOC: applications can help you with tasks!

Yeah, we’re not kidding. With your endless fight with laziness, and infinite searching for motivation, you need a weapon. And our application will be this weapon, if you’ll choose it.

It has some tricks, which are worth it, and it can help. But, please don’t forget about between you, and your task there’s only one border that is called — You! And only you can defeat it!


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