Smart Goals: Are they really smart? Or it’s a crapping Trick!

All the people around you are talking about those crapping things, like smart goals, optimizing routines, and specific ways to do your work faster, and better. Does it annoy you? Of course, and we know about it more than you. Also, we’re preparing something for you that helps you to send all to the… But it will be at the end.

And what do we have at the start? Ok, next things:

 Smart Goals definition

  1. What the hell are those Smart goals?
  2. Are they really smart?
  3. Do they really work?
  4. Can you write those Goals?
  5. How to write those goals?
  6. How to transform yourself into a pumpkin… Joke… maybe…

And many other interesting and effective things especially for you.

Goals are not smart, they’re S.M.A.R.T

Goals which are usual not smartFirst, you should… must know that goals are not smart, and they’re not clever. It’s a common marketing trick, to get your attention. And if you visit this page, this trick still works. But what the crap is about those S.M.A.R.T. goals? Ok, let’s describe them right now!

  • S for Specific. Yeah, you may create a very specific goal to do 

    it! Forget about all the abstractions you learnt before!

  • M for Measurable. You have to create a task, which you can measure by amount, or something else. Like 10 push-ups in half a year.
  • A for Achievable… all loves to get rewards for achievements. So you have to create a few steps for your goal that will give you achievements.
  • R for Resonant or relevant, or any other word, which is about R. All the marketers put this word only for creation as an abbreviation.
  • T for Time-Bound — you have to create your deadlines, to crap-them up! Joke. Maybe…

Simpler than you thought, isn’t it?


The useless guideline, for useful Smart tasks

really smart goal for your business in 2022

Ok, as we finished with all the boring definitions, let’s move to the essential part. How to create those smart goals. Firstly, and primal — you have to learn about planning fallacy, and increase your terms to 25% after all your final goals. But we’re in a hurry, let’s get back to the fundamentals.

So how can you create a smart goal?

Ok, you have to create the {Measureable} goal with a realistic {time-bound} (don’t forget to calculate your planning fallacy). You have to separate your big smart goal from a small one and create the road map. Then you conquer all the key players or steps which are needed for this, you can draw them into your road map, and don’t forget that accomplishing this goal will give you an achievement, benefit, result, or something else.

Looks simple, but what in practice? Let’s strive to describe it by example

For example, you want to:

  1. Run the marathon.
  2. In less than half a year.
  3. With a result in less than 4 hours.
  4. To lose some pounds of your weight.

As a benefit, you’ll get a fit form and prize as a marathoner.

Ok, then separate tasks for conquering them. Be smarter than your goals. You have a final goal, and you have deadlines.

Let’s separate them for a little goal. For example,

You want to run 1 kilometer in less than 4 minutes, right tomorrow. For what? To get discipline.

When you run the distance, you can create a new task, for example. Lose 2 pounds and run 10 kilometers in the next 30 days. Then when you have done it, you can create new tasks, and run the 10 kilometers comfortably for your time.

And then… and then… and then… But please, don’t be a dreamer, don’t forget about planning fallacy, create reasonable tasks, and all will be fine.

Yeah, we are using the marathon example only as the most imaginable thing. But you can also use it for your business task when you create an application or something else. As you see… all the limits are understandable, and there’s nothing special, or smart in creating those tasks.

IOC: One really smart thing

 Good alternative for smart goals

Instead of all conclusions about the effectiveness of those smart and stupid goals, we’re better to inform you about one philosophical thing.

All the problems with productivity are only yours. If you are not productive with your task, it only means that you are not interested in this task right now. You can use all those smart goals, and other things, only as instruments, which will help you to increase your concentration, but if the task is still boring for you, nothing will help you to defeat it.

So, sometimes, the best way to optimize your work is just to get a vacation. Oh, we almost forgot about the ultimate thing in this article. Hellyeah, we’re presenting you with our very specific application. It’s not magic, or fae, who’ll transform you into a pumpkin, but it really helps you with your daily tasks, optimizing them, and using some smart tricks, to do less, and get more.

You may learn about it in our other articles, or just visit our main page, to get all for nothing! Enjoy it!


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