The depths of the Deep work. Can you dive deeper?

The depths of deep work

Ok, may you find our previous article about Getting things done really help you to dive into the depths of the deep work? But let the jokes out. Today we’re serious, cause the:

  1. Deep work is the most routine organizational method.
  2. It requires you all the fundamental methods of organization, which you learned before.
  3. You must defeat procrastination, which is against your productivity.
  4. It will be squeezy.

So are you ready? Let the madness Begin!

What is the main?

How I Structure My Day for Deep Work

Deep work — is a method, which is about very nervous people. You should dive into your current working process, at least for 60 minutes, without any other tasks. No communication, No coffee, No smoking breaks. Nothing. All you need to do is concentrate on your current task. Please put down your smartphone, we’ll see what you are missconceited on the current task.

That’s all. Of course, you can’t do it at the start, so you have to train yourself. You can start from:

  1. 30 minutes of deep work, and combine it with your other tasks.
  2. Use the GTD to optimize your routines
  3. Use other methods, to make your task easier.

But the most important is just your discipline and training. You can suffer for the first time, but all you need is a timer and striving to concentrate for more than 30 minutes the first time.

Then you have to take a break, Then striving to concentrate for 40 minutes, Then take a break. Then concentrate for 50 minutes.

Repeat this, while you’ll defeat your laziness. Or while it defeats you. Your task is to get your concentration to the really hardcore times, like 4 hours of deep work.

When you get it, you can get a monk title, and your productivity will be increased to the…

What do others write about it?


Ok, let’s be honest with ourselves. If your work is about coding, writing, or maybe about design, you’ll be very productive in your work times. But will you be maximally productive? Of course not. Because your working routine is not about only drawing, or writing something. Your working routine is about:

  1. Analyzing.
  2. Communicating.
  3. Drawing.
  4. Cross mistakes.
  5. Drink coffee.

drinkin coffee while deep work

So if you need to communicate, correct your mistakes, or do something else, while you are in deep work mode, you will fail at everything. Also, this is not about you, if you are working in a big team.

So here are some life hacks for freelancers, which are works. First, you have to communicate during the day and work at night. The fewer annoying factors, the deeper you can dive into the process.

So to make this method great again, at least you should be not only disciplined, but discipline all your contractors, team workers, and other people. In all other ways, it will be fully useless, and you only waste your powers to get concentration.

How to follow

Firstly, you may create a GTD list. Secondly, you must find a way to exit the world. It can be music in the earphones, or the empty room which could be closed by a key. Thirdly, you have to plan your routines every day.

And the Pomodizer may help you with this. It has different tools to make your life easier, and create for you some special things:

  1. The most complete routine graphic for you.
  2. The special timer that would help you for the first time following a Deep work routine.
  3. In the special awards, which you’d earn for following this method.
  4. With cooperation tools.

Oh, also, please, don’t forget to… Buy a ‘Do not disturb’ banner, and put it in your working place.

In Becoming of Monk style

monk style of deep work

All we know is that full concentration isn’t possible. Or not? Depends on the way you work. If you are working at an office, of course, there are so many annoying factors. But if you’re a freelancer, you can fully concentrate, and get the Zen of your working process.

So before you’ll follow this deep work method, please analyze next things:

  1. At what time you are the most productive?
  2. At what time, there are much more annoying factors.
  3. What deadlines do you have?
  4. What award you’ll use for your suffering.

The reward for suffering is the best way to fight against your laziness. It can be a cake, coffee, or a disgusting cigarette. Depends only on your preferences. We do not recommend that you start smoking if you are not in this addiction.

IOC: Does it work, or it’s an F… Of motivational coaches?

motivational coaches about

Ok, so instead of concluding about deep work, we can tell you that all the fundamental factors about it are always not hidden. It’s simple to learn how the crap is deep work working. But it’s very hard to follow those simple rules.

So we can’t recommend you do deep work at the start of your road. Learn other factors, and strive to defeat your procrastination. And only if you can stay over the social networks while you are at work, can you start your journey in the depths of deep work. Let’s suffer together, and good luck in your journey!


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