The Dark Madness of Agile. Instead of Scrum, and others… Just the KanBan!

 First KanBan desk in history

Ok! You might have already worked with Kanban, at least a thousand times in your life. Did you open Trello? Did you see the Trello? Do you remember all those smart desks? Yeah, it’s Kanban. That’s all, you already know what it is…

We won’t spend your time searching attachments and threads between Kanban, Scrum, and other things. So if you are still here, prepare for:

  1. Learning about the darkest secrets of KanBan.
  2. How madness creates effectivity.
  3. Why KanBan is not your method.
  4. What you should use for KanBan.

So, get all your popcorn, and let’s dive into Lovecraftian depths.

Soichiro’s darkest secret

inventor of the KanBan philosophy

First and the most important thing you have to learn about it was invented by a drunken engineer. Yeah, we’re talking about Soichiro Toyoda, who invented the first principles of Kanban in 1946, after he got out of a binge, and went back to engineering different things for the automobile industry.

Then in less than a decade, his basic principles were transformed into the first smart desk, where the team of engineers cooperated between sections of the factory.

Only in the 1962 year, all the drunken principles, and their modifications formalized into classical Kanban.

Classical KanBan is oriented for accurate factorian production. Where do you want to know about each item that you create during the season? Also, the classical Kanban is oriented toward the market and can be changed for the customers’ demand.

interesting fact: The Toyoda principles (KanBan) were used to recreate the Porsche factory. They create the Porsche Cayenne, which helps Porsche almost devour the VAG. But it’s the very different story

What the Kanban today

smart desk is not a KanBan

So it’s very interesting that people use such tough methods in computing engineering, and marketing. But to be honest, nobody uses the classical KanBan or full method. All the people around you, just use the smart desk and tell what is a KanBan.

So don’t trust them. Smart Desk is just a part of the philosophy, not

all of the system. But what about the smart-desk? Ok, it uses next things:

  1. Things you need to do.
  2. Things, which are already in work.
  3. Things, which are already done.

You can separate your tasks, and by this smart desk, create milestones, and coordinate work between teams and sections of your own production. But to do all of the things listed you haven’t learned more about KanBan philosophy or something else. Better concentrate on your current tasks!

Many useless words, which are marketers use for catch your attention

 KanBan in the reality

Ok! As you already found. It is just a smart desk, which helps to cooperate with big sections of one production.

But if you read other articles, you’d find the ‘magical properties of Kanban. All those properties transform your work from wasting time, to the most productive team ever. The truth you already know. But what about all those magical properties? Here they’re:

  1. Cooperation.
  2. Balancing.
  3. Clarity.
  4. Leadership
  5. Stream.
  6. Agreement.

And also you might find something about needing to use all you have today, build the new working processes, and achieve all the leaders’ properties. The truth is that there’s nothing in common between a regular smart desk with three times ‘Do, in work, done’ and all those properties.

Marketers about Kanban

Stay calm. Use your intelligence. And don’t be caught by marketers. It is just the Smart Desk. And the principles of effective, are principles of effective, they haven’t anything in common!

Why it doesn’t work

As you already know, Kanban was invented for auto production, to cooperate with different engineering sections. So it perfectly works for short but branched tasks. And what about a big task, with more than 3-4 steps? Here Kanban is fully useless, because it can’t control the middle stages, and give a stable result.

It is oriented only for horizontal tasks, not vertical, so keep this in mind, when you’ll use your first desk for your own tasks. It’s not a universal way to optimize your work in a team.

What you can use for KanBan

better than classical kanban desk

Ok, as we finished with all our blah-blah, we can recommend you worthy apps for Kanban. The clearest way — just using Trello. Because Trello is the synonym of this perfect desk… BUT!..

If you really need a worthwhile instrument, which already solves the disadvantages of the classical Kanban system, and offers you a real smart desk, which can cooperate with all your sections, and it doesn’t matter how many steps your project has, you must use the Promodizer. It’s the first fully smart, interactive desk, which is based on KanBan but doesn’t follow it to the last step.

All the other applications are not as bad as you thought, but as usual, they’re not as effective as these competitors.

Use your mind, don’t forget to cooperate, and all your business will successful!


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