Stay productive in the regular Emergency situations. Real Case!

working in emergency situations

Ok, folks, today we’re striving to observe for you something extraordinary. As usual, the Pomodizer team discover for you, classical productive methods, to increase your productivity, to decrease time, which you spend on procrastination. Also we’re telling you about how to plan your work with a big team in emergency situations.

It’s not a simple task, to be honest, it’s a very tough task. But what about planning fallacy, not a standard term, when you just Crap up your own terms, but something extraordinary.

How about to learn about:

  1. How to close projects on deadlines, when there is a blackout in your state.
  2. How to plan your working process, in the limits of hour working.
  3. How to use your relaxation to maximize productivity.

And some extra helpful information, exclusively for you.

Short definitions before the primal part

Working in the emergency situations definition

Ok, before we continue, let’s get some definitions and explanations. When we talk about emergency situations, we mean really emergency, but not the situations, then you have a risk for your life atm.

We’re talking about situations, with no light, no internet, no communications, or some air alarms, which are more annoys you atm, then give a risk to your life, cause you in a bunker for e.g.

For what you may need this experience? For many different things, as for example, you can extrapolate this data to your traveling, or find ways to cut time on routines.

Primal part of all emergency situations

First thing you have to know is that in emergency situations, you must choose priorities. First priority is still your safety… And then all the others.

Ok, so what about situations, where you have a limited time, and limited opportunities to do your work? Firstly, strive to check your real working time.

Secondly, prepare for your work time maximally, do all the other routines, and finish your daily tasks.

Thirdly, get a maximal concentration on your current work. It’s much more tough than it looks for the first time. As for lifehack, you can use the next recommendation.

Use your earphones, each time when you working. You haven’t to enable music, or some audio. Just put them on. This minimizes the other noises around you, and helps you to get concentration.

How to plan your work in the emergency situations

follow created plans, use planning fallacyThe first, and primal thing you have to do, is create a common plan of your actions for all emergency situations, which can break your work. It can look like next:

  1. Inform your contractors about possible delays.
  2. Separate tasks by their priority.
  3. Find an alternative place to work and solve your current tasks.
  4. Get a backup, if you can lose your work.
  5. Get access for all required materials offline.

Also you can modernize your plans by your specifications and specializations.

Why relaxing is important

relaxing to defeat the stress in the emergency situations

As usual, all the emergency situations that limit your possibilities in work come with stress. And if you get into this situation, you better go and relax instead of being nervous. The best way is going to sleep, or meditating, or doing some routines.

The more you relax why you can’t go to work, the more power you’ll get in the moment, then the blackout ends, or then you’ll be able to continue.

Also, please don’t forget about:

  1. Rule of pomodoro.
  2. Weekly planning.
  3. Using the abilities of our application.

Optimize your working process

optimize everything in your life

As usual, all your working processes are separate for different things. Some of them are about your primary work (coding, engineering, writing, art, or something else). Some of them are about communication, althrough some of them are about offline routines, our office.

In the everyday routine, you’re usually combining these types of routines to be maximally effective. In the emergency situations, you should to separate all those activities, to:

  1. Find a task, which you can do offline.
  2. To set an order of tasks by their importance.
  3. To get maximal concentration on a primal task, when you’ll get a possibility to work without troubles.

Of course, when you have an emergency situation, you can find that not all your activities are important, correspondingly only 20% of tasks gives you a 80% of success.

As you can see, there’s nothing special here. But if you read about all the other life hacks, they look obvious too.

IOC: Obviously it is not bad

excuse your contractors in the emergency situation

We’re informing you, what all of those lifehacks just look like, simple and obvious. But in practice, when you first get in an emergency situation, but must finish your work ASAP, they can help you to finish your work.

The main enemy, which is against you in all emergency situations, it’s just a common confusion, which beats you in all your time processes, so all you need is to solve tasks about your safety, and then follow the prepared plan.

That’s all, So optimize your process, then it will go fine!


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