Time management, attention management

The Pomodizer time tracking system is based on the Pomodoro method – select the most important task at that very moment and work on it without any breaks, distractions or even switching for 25 minutes, then reward yourself with a 5 minute rest. If you succeed – congratulations, you have earned another “tomato”!

Achieve goals, obtain results

Set goals or results you are eager to achieve. No more than three per a day, a week and a year, and you will see how quickly your projects start moving and your overall life begins to improve. You will move from one small victory to another on your way to big goals.

Weekly planner format with a limited number of tasks per day

7 days is the maximum period that we can cover with a glance. Manage your energy and responsibilities, plan things, meetings and rest as well. The number of tasks per day is limited to ten – do not overload your attention with things that you still do not have time to do. Work on the main issues!

Itemized statistics and reports

Pomodizer will collect statistics on hours worked and completed tasks. Results are presented in handy reports. You will see the dynamics of your efficiency and performance. You will know exactly how much time is spent on various activities, specific tasks or projects. You will be able to realistically assess your time resources and catch where there are reserves.

Get rid of stress and fatigue, work and relax in pleasure

A person cannot do several things at the same time. You are only able to quickly switch from one task to another, that takes most of his strength and energy. Working with Pomodizer you will switch to a more efficient and gentle operation mode, you will achieve great results and will be less tired.