How to use the Pomodoro technique in the Pomodizer app

The Pomodoro technique is a simple and extremely effective tool for productive work. It is what most inspires our team, and we have tried to adapt our application as much as possible to this technique

The Pomodoro technique involves these basic tools:

• Task list

– list where to-do next tasks are accumulated.
You can use the Inbox tab in Pomodizer as such a list, where tasks that do not yet have a due date are stored.

• Todo today

– to-do list for today. For this purpose, Pomodizer uses the current day tab (main screen). You can create new tasks directly on this screen, or move tasks from inbox there (for this you need to assign a Due Date to the task)
As soon as you assign a date to a task from inbox, it moves to the calendar. The to-do today task lists can also be scheduled for future dates.

• Countdown timer

Pomodizer has a built-in timer with all the necessary settings

The process of working on tasks in the Pomodoro technique

• Create today’s task list, and prioritize tasks using drugndrop

• Choose the most important task at the moment, run the timer and get to work.
• While working when the timer is running, try not to be distracted and not to switch to other tasks.
• When the timer finishes, take a short break, start the timer again and continue working until the task is completed. Read more about the Pomodoro technique in a special article
• Performance of the current day or selected day in the past (planned, executed tasks, earned “tomatoes”) are visible on the top panel of the main screen
• Statistics of planned and executed tasks as well as time spent (earned tomatoes) for the current and past week and month are in the statistics tab in the personal cabinet



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